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Founder and Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners’ Chapel, Dr David Oyedepo has announced that in pursuit of the goal set at the beginning of 2019, Living Faith Church has established in excess of 4,000 churches between April and August 2019. The Bishop also announced that over the next 2 weeks, at least 1,000 more would be planted while evangelists to man these new churches are been massively recruited. Some of the Churches established in April it was announced have grown to 300, while many were now up to 200 and others 100 in attendance. The Bishop queries that it would be unfair to suffer in the earth and still go to hell adding that the Church has brought a great light to the rural areas where these churches have been planted. He stated that many existing churches might not be able to reach these rural areas.

According to Bishop Oyedepo, This phase would be undertaken strictly in Nigeria with willing members who would join in running these churches while by year 2020, Church members all over Africa and the world would have the opportunity to be involved in Church growth in their respective nations and continents.

Living Faith Church now operates effectively in all continents except Oceania. The Mandate or the Operational Manual of the Church states that the Living Faith Churches shall be planted within 2km distance from each other all over the world.

History of church planting in the 36 year old church began in 1987 with 5 new branches and has continued till now. Thus, 32 years of planting has led to an increase in growth from 1 branch to over 11,000 apart from another 2000 zones in Lagos operating under Faith Tabernacle.

Presently, the Lagos Church which is represented by Faith Tabernacle alone has 500 Covenant Hour of Prayer (CHOP), 
710 Believers Foundation Class, 2000 Zonal and 20,000 Winners’ Satellite Fellowship (WSF) centers.
The 50,000 capacity Faith Tabernacle which was built in one year from 1998-1999 now has a 52,000 overflow capacity and runs 4 services presently.
Up to 400,000 people and over 25,000 vehicles have been counted during Sunday services.

To God be the Glory.