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-World Powers will envy you.

-Your paths shall keep shining more and more and more and more.

-Your access to revelation shall not be impeded anymore.

-There shall be a rise of an army of stars in tens of thousands from our platform, the concentration of which the world has never seen before.

-The next chapter of your life, you will not miss it.

-Your Isaac will come, Your Isaac will be delivered.

-Very shortly and this year, your mockers will join to congratulate and celebrate you.

-Receive the Spirit of Faith that keeps people going till the end.

-Receive a fresh enduement of the Spirit of Faith now.

-By this release, I decree the establishment of your dominion this year.

-Whatever the Spirit of Faith makes to happen on this ground begins to happen in your life from today.

-You shall not suffer defeat anymore.

-You shall not suffer a setback anymore.

-You shall not suffer human pity again.

-From now, your life shall be envied by many.

-You never know a better last year anymore in your life.

-At 100, you will be bustling with the energy of a 40 year old.

-Somebody will climb this pulpit at 115, unaided, without a walking stick and with sharp eyes.

-By this Spirit of Faith, no one here dies young.