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Testify Artbeatz project #golgotha



GOLGOTHA sounds more like gall gutter 
Yes, gall gutter, I mean bold dirt 
Or let’s just call it the  bitter death 
This is serious, I’m not doing rhymes or stutter 
The place of the skull
Here, He was placed to fall
Ah! Fall to self, to stand in ascension so tall 
Death! Where is thy sting? He asked. No response!! Missed call
When I think about Golgotha I can’t soon forget tabetha
The depth of this with reasoning for beyond my medulla 
The power of resurrection killing death, “patapata”
As for those who don’t believe in apocalypse; to you Pharisees I say “tha”
The veil of the temple was turn apart, hear that shatter?
Nothing is hiding, access the Father boldly, straight to the altar 
Golgotha, place of the skull
Price was paid here, very precious not small 
He laid down his life, showing the greatest love, let’s get that into our skull
Indeed all will fall, but in Him we shall live again, that fall is null
~ iPen’16 #testifyartbeatz. Pls we need more dance and painting entries. D poets ain’t joking o. Musicians oya na. To register send “your name” SPACE “Category ” SPACE “Age” SPACE and “Sex” to 08023460623. Pls tell someone abt dis Today! #shalom 

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