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Julie Kopet Eruotor, a student of Delta State University (DELSU) thought she was safe on the bed when a snake crawled into her room, not knowing it has started advancing towards her.

She was asleep when she head shouts. Awakened by the noise she saw the creature crawled into the room and decided to stay on her bed not knowing that the creature had moved  towards the bed.

She took to her Instagram page to share her testimony while alluding to Tim Godfrey’s single featuring Travis Greene – “Nara.”

can’t keep this to myself. God saved me today. At exactly 12noon, This snake entered my room while I was sleeping. I heard people screaming “snake! snake! snake! Julie dey inside. 

“I looked to the direction of my door and saw this snake entering slowly and i started praying because that was the first thing that came to my mind. People were shouting ‘Julie come out’ but no! i sat on my bed praying and watching this snake’s movement so it won’t be difficult to locate when the securities get to the room.

“Then I called the security number in my school. They came to kill it, facing one direction I told them I saw it last (a cupboard close to the door). Not knowing the snake has even gotten to the bed I thought was safe. The bed I was squeezing myself on ohhh… Oh lord

“I jumped down and they killed it. They brought it out from my room dead and people started taking pictures of it. Let say nobody saw this snake from outside coming into my room and I continued sleeping. In fact! The only thing popping in my mind right now is ‘Nara’” she shared