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Skaters support the saynotocrimeYestoChrist campaign.



A dozen of skaters in the city of abeokuta , Ogun state Nigeria trooped out with skills and stunts at the entrance of the Nigerian prison Service Ibara Abeokuta on oct 1st 2014 to show solidarity and support to our theme. They displayed Breath taking stunts to the admiration of the exited crowd. This act according to them was to associate with the brand Testify and join their voice to the campaign for a crime free Nigeria and offering Christ as a way of escape. In their words, “October 1st is the day we celebrate independence as a nation, some ain’t free because of crime , so we want to admonish our young Nigerians to get more creative, enjoy life and stay away from crime.” 

The motto of Testify praise foundation prison outreach in the last five years has been … Celebrating freedom no matter where you are.
Your freedom is worth celebrating. Rejoice!