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Foremost Gospel Minister,Tonia Shodunke has shared her experience in her journey to being a mother.

”I have tasted what it means to sit at the edge of the bed and cry every month when another period shows up. 
I have tasted what it means to see children running around realizing that yours is the only one missing. 
I have tasted the excruciating pain of waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb. 
I have tasted what it means to be called barren.
So if you’re waiting on God for a child or any other blessing, u know exactly how it feels, but in addition I ALSO KNOW WHAT IT FEEL LIKE TO HOLD YOUR MIRACLE IN YOUR HANDS AND HAVE THE WORLD THAT ONCE LAUGHED AT YOU, LAUGH WITH YOU….. so please read on.

I remember just like yesterday how unfunny and painful it was at some point; but thank God for the opportunity to “DANCE” in the corridor while waiting for the door to open. For me that dance was “Seevice”.
When the wait was becoming too long, rather than sit and sulk/grumble, I threw oneself into service. So I want to share my story to encourage someone out there.

I remember developing a voracious hunger for the word and for knowledge. I bought so many books and built my faith to the point I decided “no more negative confessions”
As if to test my resolve, I got a call from one of my dear sisters who had been waiting too, that she was now pregnant and asked me how far? Not wanting to confess negative anymore, I said “me too”,🙌 she screamed and rejoiced; well I didn’t know the gravity until I saw my mother’s call coming in minutes later! Ooh my God, she had heard what I said!!!
She began to sing and dance and all I could say is ” My God, I’m stepping out in faith o, I need You to answer me now, more than ever before, don’t put me to shame!!”
From time to time she’d ask me how I was feeling, if I was comfortable in what I was wearing, about ‘morning sickness, etc. On one particular day when we got to church, a friend asked why I wasn’t at the Monday prayer meeting that Pastor Agbo (Winners Chapel Kano) had called all expectant and given his coat to them to wear.
“Ooh no I missed” I explained unknowingly!
And my mother in amazement said, “why are you bothered, are you not already pregnant??”
Realizing what had happened, I said ooh yes I am and I shouted boldly “I AM PREGNANT”!! Lol
(Hmmmn, serious drama, it was but I was determined it would end in my favour, amidst all the negative medical reports of blocked tubes, infection etc)

Indeed like my Mum and Mentor Pst Isabella Ogo Uzodike would say….behind every glory, there is a story!

Hmmmmn, and so I had enough negative medical reports(storms) to sink any man’s boat, but I said NOT MINE, because Jesus is in THIS Boat!! Luke 5:3, 8:22.

I listened to a message by my Father Bishop David Oyedepo where he said ” When you have medical issues, surround and fill yourself with the WORD, for the more you expose yourself to the word, the more the power of God has access to work on your body/life.” 
To this effect I bought uncountable books and tapes. While I drove in my car, a message was playing, in the room, kitchen, everywhere. It was more like “SATAN GET LOST THIS IS A NO TRESSPASS ZONE!” There was definitely no avenue for doubt!!

I was scheduled for a HSG and without knowing how horribly painful and traumatic it was, I went. I heard terrible screams from the room and was hoping it wasn’t the same procedure I had come for. The lady inside eventually ran out cursing vehemently in Hausa and determined not to pull through with the whole process! I was invited in after some time and when I asked if it was the same procedure, the doctor did the most amazing thing I least expected. He said;
“Madam relax! I am believing God with you that the next time you have to lie on a hospital bed like this, it would be to bring forth your child!!!”

Heyyyyyy!!! I connected instantly in faith and endured the ordeal, because I had caught a word!
NB: please if you belong to the Health Care Team, this is worth emulating.

I had an encounter with my Pastor, Pst Uwem Offiong and his wife once, when I and Hubby were invited over to the house. Mummy Offiong opened my eyes to something I had never known from Mark 11:24
“…what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”
So its..
As believers we are always quick to desire things and then pray about it, but most times we fail to move to the ‘believe’ stage and so never get to receiving what we ask for.. Be joyful, thankful and the next thing is to start planning, shopping etc; but because you don’t truly believe, you keep desiring and praying.
Gosh!! That broke my ignorance!

We prayed together and to establish the entry into the next phase, she gave us a set of baby beeb, gloves and socks; telling us to hang it somewhere conspicuous, and to thank God for answered prayers, everytime we set our eyes on it. 
You see, God doesn’t have a store room for prayers. Every prayer prayed is answered, but we determine the delivery date!
Did the enemy give up? Nope
But did I fight back with every armour I was picking up? Ooohhh yes, because, more real is our victory in Christ Jesus!!!!
I has series of treathened miscarriages along the way, but I held on to this word:

Ecclesiastes 3:14 NIV
“I know that everything God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it. God does it so that people will fear him.”

Celebrating 12yrs of God’s Faithfulness!


Bishop Afolabi of Winner’s Chapel visited LFC Kano around that time and said “When parents visit their children on visiting days, In school, they don’t go empty handed, they bring gifts” so he had been sent by God. I coveted that by sowing a seed (Seed Faith) and didn’t stop there.
Some time later, while I prayed in my office at  break time, something flashed.
I saw a woman hugging another tightly.
I didn’t understand, couldn’t figure it out.
I went to the market after work, and while I bought fish, I saw a pregnant woman and thought to myself;
“Won’t pple think I’m nuts if I walked up to that woman and asked her to hug me?”lol
Well, I didn’t. Got to my Sis inlaw’s and as a pregnant woman, she was more than willing to hug&pray with me.

3wks later, while at an all night, the Pst announced that God had laid it in his heart that his wife would come out and hug every expectant woman!
My God!! That was it!! This was my day of visitation!!!
But there was an issue…my mother was in church that night and I was ‘supposed’ to be pregnant!!lol
Eventually,I had to step out as the Pst was insisting that there was still one more person that needed to take delivery of her miracle!

I was flying in the air with excitement after that.
I had been scheduled for a Laparascopy much earlier, but didn’t want to anymore, so I strongly asked God to prove Himself if truly He was a prayer answering God!
I promised I would demand a refund and with that, begin my baby’s shopping, if I successfully left the hospital that day without doing it.
Hmmn my Father went to work immediately, disorganizing the whole schedule. Some emergencies came up that cancelled mine and after that they kept giving excuses of exhausted chemicals that needed to be imported… till I was confirmed pregnant!!! Hahahahahaha, my Father floored the enemy for my sake!! Hallelujah!!
It was 9months of absolute peace because whatsoever the Lord doeth, it shall be forever.thank God for  solid support all through.

No matter what has tarried…ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE if only YOU would dare to believe!