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It’s Sinach Again!!!



The inspired famous gospel musician, Sinach, is back to the centre stage with her fifth outing, a collection of exciting gospel
tunes. Sinach who has honed the art of quality gospel tunes and created a peculiar platform for her genre of music, so far away from the pedestrian tunes that ravage the generation, excitedly said in an
interview with Entertainer that what she has come with this time is the best so far from her She said: “If my fans and other gospel music lovers had rated me high in the use
of my talents from God to praise His
name, then they should have a surprise this time because what has just been dropped by me is worlds away from the quality of what they ever got from me.” The latest from the Edda, Ebonyi State world class gospel music heavyweight comes in two recipes of DVD, in riveting and captivating video performances,
mostly from her live shows at the
Houston, Texas, USA branch of the Christ Embassy Church, one of the classy outlets of the ministry. The audio CD is made of about 13 tracks, partly from the live show
and enriched with voices of three foreign gospel artistes she did duet with. “I am not just blowing my trumpet. But I can’t shy away from stating the obvious fact that every work of art improves and matures. If in my past four works I had
set some standards, the natural thing is that I must be under pressure to keep advancing. And with experience and other incentives, I have made this outing the best, in fact beyond my imagination. It’s God’s grace made manifest to me. “I am not just the one saying it because even though I found that out myself after listening to the work, we have got so much feedback from fans, listeners and even gospel music exponents on the quality of the work,” she stated. This album is one of its kind, such a master piece judging by the inspiration of the songs. Its a must listen for every worshipper.

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