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  Gospel Minister Nathaniel Bassey has shared his experiences over the years to motivate the reader .He took to his Instagram page to share this ;

“There was a time I nursed a strong desire to travel abroad.As most young musicians ,I wanted to tour the world .Even after I began to grow in Christ ,I was not really dead to the wish .So we would go for Visa Interviews .

 The US &UK ,in fact ,all of these applications were by the church for conferences my late Pastor and Mentir wanted me to attend .
 I remember some of the nights preceding the interviews.I’d pray all night ,read chapters of the Bible ,,sow seeds  etc .Then get to the embassy and get a very  POWERFUL NO stamped on my passports 
  But as I grew in Christ,I became dead to traveling ,that wish died .I couldn’t even be bothered
  I have since found out in this Kingdom,”You will control & have whatever you are able to die to “
      Today ,the gates of the Nations are practically opened to me .I travel so much ,sometimes I don’t want to hear a thing about traveling.Indact ,sometimes with special kinds of visas for a select few .
     Brothers and Sisters msometimes what we call disappointments are actually deliverances .God’s amazing Grace and Mercy at work .Keeping us back from missing it “.