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The Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith church a.k.a winners chapel ,bishop David Oyedepo has showered enconium on his vice president,Bishop David Abioye for his loyalty to the commission and to him as his boss.The Bishop made this known why introducing his protege to mount up the podium at the ongoing ministers conference…

Bishop Oyedepo’s words as he welcomed Bishop Abioye to minister during Church growth workshop in the afternoon session of the International Ministers Conference.

Please you will join me this afternoon and welcome this my die-hard follower, a son, ordained to stand by me (I think from the foundation of the world) Amen.

Now, he has been with me before the mandate was delivered, so he came earlier than the mandate, he must be part of the mandate that God ordained. He is gone with me on motor bike, he is gone ahead with me, running to where I am coming to let them know that I’m coming, it’s not that I am not coming and He has partaken of every bit of grace that God has made available to this commission Amen.

He’s never caused me pain. There are people who have not only caused pain, if they have a way of taking my life, they will take it. There are those whom if they have their way, they will take my life. But, this one covenant son, never caused me pain. I pray that God will bring your way those who will never cause you pain. And may the Lord remove from your side, those who are causing you high temperature. Amen.

Tonight, you will be seeing Brother Barry here, who serves Dr Copeland, he is been there with him 40 years. He is now 76, he goes before him to any meeting to make sure things are in order, so I call him that ‘Young Man’, he will be here again tonight. Jerry Savelle has been with Copeland for 50 years.

May the Lord get around you ‘your own Barry and your own Jerry’, so life will not be a burden for you, ministry will not be a pain to your heart in the name of Jesus.

Join me welcome Bishop David Abioye

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