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As a minister of the Gospel I strongly suggest you avoid belonging to only one stream in ministry.

God does call you to emphasize something but when you begin to look down on others who flow in another stream with a different emphasis and you find you cannot listen to them without criticizing and finding fault with what they are saying, something is wrong with you.

No emphasis supersedes the unity of the Body. This is not just something you mentally assent to saying “I love them though I disagree with them.” It is to understand that you cannot survive being only one part of the body.

If you are the eyes then you see things very clearly but lack the ability to hear. It’s some other part of the Body that plays that role. Not all parts are the eyes and for you to be whole and complete you will require the input of other parts.

I grew up in a fellowship that was called with an emphasis. Today I listen to others who do not have a similar background to mine in ministry.

I have been greatly blessed by the wisdom they speak teaching from another perspective and showing things in scripture I never saw that way.

Combining their understanding with what already exists in me brings about the fullness of the gospel of Christ.