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    The Largest Church Auditorium was dedicated last weekend.The Dunamis International Gospel centre has commissioned its magnificent auditorium which is named Glory Dome ….This edifice is the largest church which is a100,000 seater auditorium..
   The Vice-President of Nigeria ,Prof Yemi Osinbajo was present at the event .Bishop David Oyedepo and his wife and other dignitaries were there to grace the event .
The dedication event at the Glory Dome on Saturday 24 Nov 2018 came with its own share of revelations.
An August visitor at the event, the over 150,000 estimated crowd was amazed when Adeboye’s picture showed on the screen as he entered the auditorium. Subsequently, Pastor Paul Enenche went up the podium and invited Pastor Adeboye to the altar.
‘’In 1979, someone came from the South West to Otukpo town in Benue State for a crusade. I attended as a kid (11 years old)
That day I rededicated my life and I was counseled by one of his associates who I still visited recently. Join me as I welcome Pastor Enoch Adeboye.’
In response, Pastor E.A Adeboye came up and went  on his knees in worship and made specific declarations in prayer. 
‘What a mighty God we serve.
We bless your Holy name.
Thank you for a day like this.
Thank you for this glorious house of God.
Beginning from today, let this be a miraculous Center.
When they bring the sick here, the sick will be healed.’
When they bring the captive here, the captive will be set free.
When the barren come here, they will be fruitful.
When the poor come here, they shall begin to prosper.
When they bring the dead here, they shall rise again.
Every prayer prayed here shall be answered by Fire.
I’m Jesus name we have prayed.’
On completion of prayers, he went humorous in his typical manner and bantered with Bishop Oyedepo.
He said ‘If you give the microphone to a politician, he will talk politics.
If you give the microphone to a pastor, he will probably preach.
But I am afraid to preach because a Bishop is here (Bishop David Oyedepo).’ The crowd roared in response.
Isaiah 56:7.
Pastor Adeboye continued
‘My heart leaps for joy
There is a prayer I’ve always prayed that I will live to see my children greater than me.’
You will grow greater and greater.
It shall be well with you, your family and your ministry.
In Jesus name. Amen.’
Pastor Adeboye on completion proceeded on his next engagement and left his son, Bishop Oyedepo to handle the message and dedication.