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Award winning music producer Wilson Joel popularly known as Music Magnate in a recent post on Instagram, opened up about battling depression in 2018.  The Doxology Music CEO who is well known for producing hits like Glowreeyah Braimah’s “Miracle Worker”,said “Suicide was never an option,” and that Jesus held him together.

Wilson Pens;

Wilson Joel_TE13

GOD GAVE ME A SIGN ↪ I was refused US visa Dropbox renewal & had to show up for a physical interview. LONG STORY SHORT, at least 100+ people were denied right in front of me regardless of whether you’ve been to the USA before. People, when it got to my turn at some point during the rigouros interview, the consular’s computer FROZE & we started talking about the holiday, Christmas,Turkey & etc [At that point, I knew God had stepped in] VISA GRANTED , people thought it was VOODOO! ~ This is just a sign for me that things were about to turn around and indeed this translated to every other aspect of my life as I type cos I couldn’t have added a bad travel history record to my Dilemma! I mean many things weren’t WORKING for me YET I was ENCOURAGING those who needed ENCOURAGEMENT, WEAK but giving STRENGTH to others.”Qatar
SUICIDE WAS NEVER AN OPTION ↪ Because I didn’t take my life, I could see the light. Going through the tunnel is difficult especially when a whole community looks up to you, you can’t afford to Quit! My mother, my unborn children, my destiny, my music and all…..WHERE DO I PUT THOSE?”

He continues;

“LIFE WAS TOUGH FOR ME IN 2018. Yes, you read right ☝🏽on the eve of my birthday September 20th a friend of mine called me & i cried like a child and that was when it HIT me that this depression was 

Concluding Joel said;

“Listen again, #JESUS HELD ME TOGETHER. You may think I’m a STRONG MAN, you’re actually right i am but 2018, my strength 💪 was tested & tried, i won!!! You shall win too, you shall.”

“To the FEW who were there for me beyond WORDS, you know yourselves I 😍 💖 you ALL.”

“Because Accolades, sweet words & sympathy are UNIMPORTANT to a dead person, I’ve learnt to stay ALIVE ~ ALUTA💪✊🏽CONTINUA